Ravaged Ideals

by Sacred Vessel Tapes

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A benefit tape for Mujeres Latinas en Accion, a bilingual and bicultural agency that seeks to empower women to become self- reliant and improve the quality of their lives. They've done a lot for the Chicago-land southside neighborhoods including offering childcare, domestic violence and sexual abuse support and relief, and billingual education.
Physical tapes are being released September 12th. If you pay at least $4 to download the album email your address to bannedmag@yahoo.com and I will mail you a tape. Be generous-- all proceeds to go to Mujeres Latinas en Accion!


released September 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Sacred Vessel Tapes Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Foul Crux - For the Sinners
You keep referring to outdated ideas, but I will not obey him.
His word does not constitute my being.
I love the sin & the sinner.
I love the sinner’s right to choose.
I love the sinner’s choice over their body.
Hold a cross and call it morals, glad I wasn’t raised that way.
Track Name: Rape Revenge - Long Walk Home
Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you know how pretty you are?
Come on baby, give me a smile.
I’ll fuck you so hard you fucking cry.
It’s her fault.
She’s so pretty.
It’s her fault.
Track Name: Vile Intent - Leech/Justice
False virtue
Interest of the strong
Advantage of power
Human illusion

Bullshit fallacy
Subordinate value
Interest served

Track Name: Haka - Stand
I've grown up
But I'm not your dream
Have my own ideas
My own moral code
Nothing you expected
Not the things you believe
Don't dress how you want
Not following in your footsteps
It's crystal clear
I'll never be your cookie cutter kid
You try to support
But you'll never understand
This life is my own
And I'm making it what I want it to be
Track Name: Sex Bunker - Only Natural
in my head through open eyes
in my mind through holy lies
and I'm feeling it again
poison flows out from my brain

bound into my role
submission is straight jacket tight
hook the strings in make me dance
I'm not alright I'm not alright
I'm not alright
make it a part of you

only natural to feel that hate
only natural to imitate

in your head through open eyes
in your mind through holy lies
and I'm feeling it again
poison flows out from my brain

gun against her temple
oppression goes with sex so well
you put her in her place
or you get put in yours
we make it hell
we make it hell
make it a part of you

only natural to watch that rape
only natural to participate
don't mind them they're having fun
boys'll be boys, you know that hun
"it's only natural so what's the use"
"it's only natural" is just an excuse

sex is taught to ten year-olds
by glossy fantasies with red-gash lips
and women are replaceable products
not people
she's a receptacle, not respectable
and you wonder why we're all so fucked

sliced up clits
poison tits
rapist culture and porno kids
black eye liner and split lip grins
and you say it's natural but I beg to differ
Track Name: Cloud Rat - Magnolias
Pent up aggression.
Pent up, listen to me go on.
Pent up whirlwind, sucking and spitting rotten fruit that he grew.
A relationship that worm of a woman ate right through.
Nothing comes to mind when they mention you.
Hairpins, but nothing comes to mind.
It was addiction fire burning up his time.
Angelic demonic forces that manipulate your world.
I don't love you anymore, I'm just comfortable and sore, so sore.
Track Name: Worn Out - Confirm. Obey/Existence is Futile/ Culture of Intoxication
"Conform. Obey."
Never use your own eyes,
Believe what you are told.
Conform. Obey. Consume. Repeat. Die.

"Existence Is Futile"
I don't want your revolution
Give me mass extermination
Kill off all the money-grubbing bastards
End this tyranny

I don't want your new world order
Fuck the value of a dollar
I see through your fucking crooked grin and
Puppet Presidents

"Culture Of Intoxication"
Keep me drunk so I can't think
Impair my mind and body
Lose original thought
Brain damage

Keep me down cause I'm addicted
When the masses are afflicted
Keep me down cause I'm addicted
When the masses are afflicted

Mind numbing, soul crushing oppression
It's a way of life